A Few Words About Us

WiFi Now Networks is your partner for, reliable wireless solutions for companies that use WI-FI, WiMax, Fiber Optics and Microwave systems in their core operations. With our comprehensive expertise, our personal commitment, and our many years of experience, we can implement solutions based on proven products that have set new standards in technology, cost, efficiency, and quality.
WIFI Now Networks is a wireless networking and technology company. The main difference between us and other wireless IT companies is we are RF (Radio Frequency) engineering company first, and foremost. We put the solid service where you need it.
The spectrum of wireless networks we service ranges from basic coffee shop WiFi services to larger wireless enterprise networks, and comprehensive solutions for integrated technologies for complete community broadband networks.
We provide full range of services including, Design Consulting, Engineering, Maintenance, Network Optimization, and Service.

We offer state-of-the-art, sustainable energy-efficient equipment and applications. The result are dependable wireless networks and fast systems that offer attractive solutions in every detail.

We Deliver Business Class Wireless Solutions.

Our company certifications include MBE/DBE.