WIFI NOW Hotel Solutions for (Guest Access and Security)

Features of WIFI Now Hotels, Users Security and Access Control
  • Free or Fee based internet (they must pay) for access or Optional upgrade for a fee
  • Customer Login with controlled access to your network or without splash screens, Customer must acknowledge terms and agreement before access is granted
  • Secure your network from unauthorized users
  • Advertise a message to anyone who access your Wifi "THIS WEEK SPECIAL IS"
  • Complete isolation between guest at your hotel, so guest cannot gain access to other guest computers
  • Wireless Security WEP/WAP can be deployed as added security to keep unauthorized users out
  • Fully manage and monitored for proper operation
  • Simple Access to WIFI Services in Hotel Public areas (Front lobby, Conference rooms, Restaurants)
  • Ticket Based Access System, (TBAS) Customer must get a private access code from front counter staff.
  • We support your network if you don't have IT staff onsite